Cellfina is a new method of specific treatment for cellulite.

The principle is to free the adhesions created by cellulite (orange peel appearance) on the buttocks and certain parts of the thighs.

Dr BENADIBA is a specialist in this technique in Paris and Geneva.

REPETITION / DURABILITY: for life on the treated areas
Local anesthesia
FINAL RESULT: 1 month on average

Cellfina is a technique approved by the FDA (American marketing authorization), offering a minimally invasive treatment of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs. This is a patented process proposed by the Merz laboratory which has proven its effectiveness after 3 years. Cellfina directly treats the primary cause of cellulite: the fibrous tracts between fat and skin in the buttocks and thighs.

This treatment acts directly on the cellulite by mechanical fragmentation in the cellulite dimples and fibrosis. After identifying each pad, a special scalpel releases it by passing under the skin. The treatment lasts an hour on average and is done under local anesthesia in a surgical environment (dedicated room) and by a doctor trained in this technique. The patient can leave immediately after the session and there is little or no desocialization.

Results with Cellfina

They are fast with most often a visible result from the first week. In a pilot study, patient satisfaction was 85% at 3 months, 94% at one year and another 93% at 3 years, becoming the standard treatment for cellulite in the USA.

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