Renuvion J-Plasma

Sagging skin is the main problem for many patients, either related to age or related to weight loss (weight loss, pregnancy) or muscle wasting.
All areas of the body are affected but most often it is the stomach, arms, thighs and neck that bother patients.



Previously, only surgery allowed the excess skin to be removed but required a scar and more or less heavy surgery.

Today, thanks to American J-Plasma technology (Renuvion), it is possible to tighten the skin almost immediately during a simple and rapid intervention. The LWS or Lifting Without Scar or LWS was born.

This technology may or may not be associated with liposuction, which allows excess fat to be removed before the skin is retained. This is often the case in the neck, arms, abdomen or thighs.

The procedure is reserved for surgeons, performed under local or general anesthesia. It lasts 1 hour on average and the consequences are that of liposuction (edema, bruises, stiffness, etc.)

The result is visible from the first days but will be optimal after a few weeks.

Dr BENADIBA is a pioneer in the use of Renuvion in Europe.

Dr Laurent BENADIBA has been the Trainer for RENUVION-Jplasma technology in France and Switzerland since 2019.

Body Remodelage : Lipoaspiration - Renuvion - Lipofilling
Body Remodelage : Lipoaspiration - Renuvion - Lipofilling
Why and for who ? /FR/
Why and for who ? /FR/
How is the Renuvion working ?
How is the Renuvion working ?

ANESTHESIA: local or general
RETURN TO DAILY LIFE: 2 to 3 weeks
FINAL RESULT: from the first days, optimal after a few weeks

Renuvion sur abdomen relaché
Renuvion sur abdomen relaché
Renuvion technologie
Renuvion technologie
J-plasma: effet thermique
J-plasma: effet thermique

Before after / 3 months



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