Radio-frequency: effectiveness and dangers

Definition / mode of action:

This technology has been used in aesthetic medicine for over 10 years. It uses electromagnetic waves (THF) in the skin to stimulate collagen for the purpose of preventing and improving skin aging.

The production of heat (over 50 °), retracts the collagen fibers, stimulates the fibroblasts which produce new collagen and especially elastic fibers which firm the skin, so the main indication is skin retention.

The advantage of radiofrequency is that it presents almost no risk of burns and very few contraindications.

The main parameter is the number of poles (mono, bi or tripolar) which allow to act more or less in depth without burning.


Indications :

The radio frequency can act on the retention of the skin of the following areas:

  • The oval of the face, the jowls, the neck and the décolleté, see the eyelids etc.
  • The inner sides of the arms, thighs, stomach, under the buttock.
  • Post-liposuction optimization

Contraindications :

  • Irritated, inflamed skin (acne, infection, herpes),
  • Untreated skin cancer
  • pace maker,
  • pregnant women
  • Poor healing (keloid, burn)


In practice :

There are RF machines for which a single session is sufficient (Thermage) more sensitive for the patient therefore ideally performed under sedation or anesthetic cream. Most RF machines require multiple sessions at 3 week intervals.

A special handpiece is applied regularly to the entire area to be treated, one or more passes are necessary during a session. The feeling of heat is more or less unpleasant depending on the area and the sensitivity of the patient. On average, 5 to 6 sessions are required for a complete treatment of an area. The benefit can be appreciated from the first sessions, we recommend doing a maintenance session every 6-12 months.


Advantages :

  • Non-invasive treatment possible in the majority of patients
  • Quickly visible tightening effect
  • Anti-aging prevention
  • Improved post-suction retraction
  • Painless and without side effects
  • No social exclusion
  • No surgery
  • Compatible with other aesthetic facial treatments (botox, HA, mesotherapy)


Consequences and risks:

After your radio frequency session, you may have some mild redness and swelling which lasts for a few hours 2-3 days very rarely. Most of the time, therefore, there is no social exclusion.

The huge advantage is that the risks associated with aesthetic radio frequencies are almost zero apart from the rare cases of burns due to poor machine settings most often. This gesture remains a medical gesture reserved for trained doctors.

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