Skin Bio-revitalisation (PRX-T33)


PRX T-33 is an organic revitalizing treatment without injection which aims to correct and improve the appearance of the skin by regenerating cellular tissues.

Principle action:

The Plump-peel is a treatment that can be used, depending on the protocols, to restore radiance and tone to the skin, to reduce dilated pores, reduce fine lines, or even treat scars and stretch marks.

The PRX-T33 peel is an innovation in aesthetic medicine because the action of TCA is limited by hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), which limits the consequences and the immediate reaction. It is the ideal treatment for those who are afraid of injections and social exclusion afterwards during the downtime.

The Plump-Peel or organic PRX-T33 revitalizing peel is indicated to:

  • Brighten the complexion
  • Reduce dilated pores
  • Plump the skin, like mesotherapy but without the needles
  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin and allow better penetration of any aesthetic treatment to the face: botox, hyaluronic acid injections and mesotherapy
  • Fill in fine lines
  • Fill in acne or other scars
  • Improve stretch marks, in addition to SLE
  • Prepare the scalp for local treatments, such as PRP
  • Provide a Botox-like action by filling in the wrinkles of the forehead, expression lines or crow’s feet

In practice: 

The Plump-peel or PRX-T33 is applied to the skin through a massaging action (no needle), either using a special eraser brush that allows to insist on certain areas or by making it penetrate more deeply by pricking with a micro-needle in the depressions (acne, accident or surgical scar) or in superficial wrinkles.

The session lasts 20 minutes, the skin will be washed with water before applying a deep moisturizing cream, which will be continued at home for the following days.

DURATION OF INTERVENTION: 20 minutes without anesthesia
REPETITION / DURABILITY: From 1 to 5 sessions depending on the case
FINAL RESULT: immediate, and continued improvement as the sessions progress

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