G-spot injection

Despite much controversy over its existence, the G-spot or Grafenberg spot is now recognized as the equivalent of the female prostate. Its stimulation is at the origin of the so-called vaginal orgasm.

The G-spot is an erectile zone, 2 to 3 cm in length, located in the anterior vaginal wall 3 cm from the vaginal opening, halfway between the pubis and the cervix. Its size and sensitivity vary from woman to woman. It has its own muscular reactivity to various stimuli, as well as an exocrine function (excretion of vaginal fluid).

Its functioning can be disturbed and, over time, lead to a decrease in desire. The causes can be various: hormonal (decrease in hormones), as well as anatomically-linked disorders of pelvic statics: loss of perineal tone after childbirth, after pelvic surgery and even psychological issues caused by perineal denial, primary or secondary anorgasmia.

A solution exists with “the amplification of the G spot” allowing to expose this erogenous zone so that it can be more easily stimulated.

Solution to expose the G-Spot

This is an injection of 1 to 2 ml of hyaluronic acid, a natural and absorbable product, also used in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of wrinkles. It is a normal constituent of the dermis, and allows for tissue rehydration. The effect obtained is a stimulation of the para-urethral glands and their secretion, facilitating the lubrication of the area, as well as a volume effect.

This technique is the only rejuvenation and support treatment for tissue in this erogenous zone, which is modified during the various hormonal periods of a woman’s life.

Adverse effects are rare: pain at the injection site, local inflammatory reaction (less than 5%). However, superficial bleeding is common right after the injection.

FINAL RESULT: 2 weeks on average

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