Medical Rhinoplasty

A medical rhinoplasty helps corrects the nose without undergoing surgery.

Hyaluronic acid and sometimes Botox are used to camouflage a bump, project the tip or reduce the size of the nostrils.

The first cases of medical rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes were described in the early 1980s and rather concerned post-surgical rhinoplasty irregularities. Today, medical rhinoplasty is a frequent request, it allows the non-surgical correction of cosmetic problems of the nose through the use of fillers (hyaluronic acid).

The main indication is the correction of the bump in the nose, which is camouflaged by adding filler above and below the bump, simulating a straight nose.

The results are sometimes surprising and almost immediate, it lasts for several months but it is reversible. It is a good method when you are not yet ready to have surgery or to repair a rhinoplasty.


DURATION OF INTERVENTION: 20 minutes without anesthesia
FINAL RESULT: immediate

Medical Rhinoplasty
Medical Rhinoplasty

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