Breast Lipofilling


Dr Benadiba is one of the pioneers of this innovative and natural technique.

Previously used for breast reconstruction after cancer, the injection of fat into the breasts is possible for aesthetic purposes.

The technique of fat transfer to the breasts is currently a recognized technique and is highly effective.

It should be emphasized that this technique cannot replace all the indications for breast augmentation surgery, meaning implants remain a therapeutic arsenal.

Aesthetic breast lipomodelling only allows for a moderate increase and is better suited to patients who want to recover their “previous state” (after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding) and / or want a more “natural” solution, without a prosthetic foreign body. In addition, this technique is only possible if the patient has a sufficient amount of fat to use from their body.

The silhouette is also improved thanks to the liposuction of the sampling areas (hips, abdomen, saddlebags, knees). Like the title of my article, it is a “kill two birds with one stone” intervention

This technique is not covered by public health care.



BREAST LIPOFILLING: 2-in-1 Treatment!

One intervention with double the results: volume in the breasts and an improved silhouette.


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Since the deposited fatty tissue remains alive, it is naturally subjected to variations in weight. In the event of very significant weight loss, the volume of the breasts will decrease. On the other hand, in the event of significant weight gain the breasts can increase in size. A certain weight stability is therefore recommended in order to maintain the stability of the results.

The normal aging of the breasts is not interrupted and the appearance of the breasts will change naturally over time.


/FR/ Can we have breast surgery before pregnancy?
/FR/ Can we have breast surgery before pregnancy?
/FR/ What interventions on the breasts can be done after pregnancy?
/FR/ What interventions on the breasts can be done after pregnancy?
/FR/ Do I have to wait until pregnancy to have my breasts operated on?
/FR/ Do I have to wait until pregnancy to have my breasts operated on?

REPETITION / DURABILITY: 1 or 2 sessions, a second lipomodelling session is possible a few months later, if necessary, in order to further increase the volume of the breasts, or to improve their shape.
FINAL RESULT: immediate and optimal after 10 days
ANESTHESIA: general or local
RETURN TO DAILY LIFE: between 2 and 5 days

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