Renuvion J-Plasma


Renuvion is a technology that can be used as a complementary treatment to liposuction or as a stand-alone procedure for those seeking optimal results without scarring.

Sagging skin is a serious problem for many patients, either related to age, weight loss (weight loss, pregnancy) or muscle loss. All areas of the body are affected but most often it is the stomach, arms, thighs, knees and neck that bother patients.

Soft and Precise Tissue Contraction

Previously, only surgery allowed excess skin to be removed, which systematically left a scar and was a serious operation.

Today, thanks to American J-Plasma technology (Renuvion), it is possible to tighten the skin almost immediately during a simple and rapid intervention. The LWS or Lifting Without Scar was born.

Areas that can be treated with Renuvion:


Dr BENADIBA is a pioneer in the use of Renuvion in Europe.

Advantages of Renuvion

Less Invasive

Renuvion is used in a minimally invasive procedure through small entry points to gently contract tissue below the skin.  Incisional scars are very minor compared to traditional excisional surgery

Less Downtime

The procedure can be performed while awake with a local anesthetic or while the patient is asleep. Recovery time is shorter compared to more invasive treatments and alternative minimally invasive RF technology.

Optimal Results

Doctors often report that the contraction effect created by Renuvion is noticeable immediately after treatment. Results may even continue to improve over time.

Dr Laurent BENADIBA is an official Trainer for RENUVION J-Plasma technology in France and Switzerland since 2019.

Renuvion Technology
Renuvion Technology
Renuvion Treatment Information
Renuvion Treatment Information
Renuvion on sagging abdomen
Renuvion on sagging abdomen
J-plasma: effet thermique
J-plasma: effet thermique

How Does It Work?

Using a unique combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy, Renuvion quickly reaches the ideal temperature for tissue contraction, allowing you to achieve the best possible results in a short period of time. This minimally invasive procedure can be performed with a local or general anesthetic, depending on what you and your doctor feel is best.

During the procedure, the Renuvion energy is applied underneath the skin, heating the collagen and other structures to the temperatures needed in order to contract the tissues. This heating is done quickly and the tissue is cooled back down in less than 1 second.

Source : Official website 

Before / after - 3 months

Questions about Renuvion

  • How many areas can we treat with Renuvion?
  • Is Renuvion a painful technique?
  • Is recovery possible under local anesthesia?
  • When are the final results visible?
  • How much does Renuvion cost per zone?
  • Can we do liposuction and Renuvion at the same time?

ANESTHESIA: Local or general
RETURN TO DAILY LIFE: 2 to 3 weeks
FINAL RESULTS: From the first days, optimal after a few weeks
AFTER EFFECTS : Same as liposuction (edema, bruises, stiffness, etc.)

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