Questions and Answers about Renuvion J-Plasma

FAQ about Renuvion technology

How many areas can we treat with Renuvion ?

It is possible to treat as many areas as you want, but Renuvion is a long technique and you must therefore limit yourself to two or three areas per intervention, especially under general anesthesia.


Is Renuvion a painful technique?

Renuvion is not painful and patients often have no pain the next day, especially if there has been no liposuction. If liposuction is associated the consequences are the same with stiffness-type bruising pains.


It a recovery possible under local anesthesia?

Yes, Renuvion is possible under local anesthesia especially for small areas such as the neck, knees, chest but for larger areas it is strongly recommended to do a short general anesthesia.


When is the result of Renuvion visible?

The result of treatment with Renuvion is sometimes visible immediately, but not always and it is important to state this. It will take several weeks to appreciate the final result. On average 4-6 months.


How much does the Renuvion cost per zone?

The RENUVION treatment is expensive because it needs to be performed in a clinic, most often under general anesthesia, the use of a specific disposable cannula, the cost of the machine and especially the total intervention time it takes a budget of € 5,000 to € 7,000 for one or two treatment areas


Can we do liposuction and Renuvion at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to do a liposuction before passing the Renuvion, this will allow better retraction of the skin. Ideally, the Renuvion is more suitable for sagging skin without liposuction







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