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Dr Laurent Benadiba is the author of numerous articles and interviews in the press and the media.

Aesthetic medicine has become essential in our modern society, and though it is not yet considered as a medical specialty, the number of practitioners is constantly on the rise. Due to this trend, quality training has become a must. Current aesthetic medicine training remains quite variable: some Doctors only attend demonstration workshops organized by Laboratories, some acquire knowledge from reputed colleagues in the discipline, others may enroll in University degrees and others may participate in specialized conferences. Despite their participation, most of them still lack the required skills to practice correctly. This manual does not claim to replace the necessary University education, its role is to provide additional guidance for the most common and frequently used aesthetic medicine treatments, and I truly hope that it will serve as a base for those who use it.

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* Инъекции филлерами по зонам, объясненные шаг за шагом,
* Инъекции ботулотоксином, используемые в эстетических целях для
коррекции лица и потовыделения,
* Осложнения, последствия и их нейтрализация,
* Полная библиография по всем темам,
* Доступ к странице интернета, посвященной обучению с дидактическими
видео, мастер классам online и программам мастерских.

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The sagging of the oval of the face is a sign of the sagging of the lower part of the face, in particular
the formation of jowls. Over time, the V of youth reverses and becomes the V of old age with cheekbones and ptosis of the cheekbones.

A sagging oval means sagging in the lower face along with the appearance of jowls. Over time, the V of youth is inverted and becomes a V of old-age, with jowls and cheek ptosis.

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Dr Laurent Benadiba, l'auteur d'un article sur le Lipofilling des seins

The article about Breast Lipofilling: 

“In recent years, the Lipofilling technique has been used for reconstruction after cancer. Now, fat injection is possible for cosmetic purposes. The technique of fat transfer to the breast is currently a recognized technique and very effective. “

Article sur La nymphoplastie par Dr Laurent Benadiba

Labiaplasty or reduction of the labia minora :

“After liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgery touches new patients with intimate surgery including the reduction of the labia minora.”

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Plastic Surgery and aesthetic medicine: 4 techniques to reshape your buttocks

“Too flat, drooping, not shapely enough … The reasons for succumbing to plastic surgery of the buttocks are various. Discover the different techniques to reshape your buttocks. ”

Article sur un portail éducatif sur ptôse mammaire écrit Laurent Benadiba

Estheticon : Lifting mammaire (Mastopexie)

Breast lift or ptosis mammary helps lift the sagging breast by reducing or increasing it depending on the case. Thus, it is possible to combine mastopexy with placement of implants. The shape of the female breasts is very individual. However, the sign of the “pencil” confirms the ptosis: it is possible to hold a pencil under the breast.

L’article sur le Lipofilling des seins : Magazine Anti-Age, Auteur : Dr Laurent Benadiba

We repair your skin!
Operation prepare and preserve your skin after the various summer aggressions. First of all with cocktails of proven medical aesthetic techniques such as mesolift, the now famous skinboosters, but also LEDs and peels.
Eat healthy and your skin will reflect it!

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Interviews and training with Dr Benadiba

Interview for Magazine Anti-Age about Gynecology aesthetic
Interview for Magazine Anti-Age about Gynecology aesthetic
Interview of Dr BENADIBA about RTL by Philippe BOUVARD: Les Grosses têtes (Nov.2011)
Interview of Dr BENADIBA about RTL by Philippe BOUVARD: Les Grosses têtes (Nov.2011)
Dr Laurent Benadiba (France) - Expert Cible
Dr Laurent Benadiba (France) - Expert Cible

Publications & Works

Laurent Benadiba is the author of numerous articles and books for medical students, doctors and the general public.

“Answers to your questions: Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery”

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Book recommended by the ESPRIT BEAUTE website,
“Women in questions: Breast prostheses”

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Women and Men Intimate surgery
Dr Laurent BENADIBA & Dr François GRIMA

Other books :

Breast prostheses in reconstruction after cancer
Item Lymphoplasty; french Annals of plastic surgery
Men and Women Intimate surgery
FAQ about breast Implants

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