A peel is a chemical solution that is applied to the skin to remove its surface layers and regenerate it. There are light, medium or strong peels.

This treatment makes it possible to recover skin radiance, but also a pretty skin texture without social exclusion or flaking. They act to activate cell renewal and tighten pores.

Dull complexions are linked to an epidermis that has a thicker stratum corneum (often combination to oily skin): the thickness creates the alteration of the complexion.

REPETITION / DURABILITY: once every 1-2 months
FINAL RESULT: immediate and optimal after 10 days

Our protocol combines a peeling and soothing mask, which are associated with good cosmetology. it is an ideal treatment to get back radiant skin, but also a nice skin texture. This treatment can be completed with an LED session.


Gentle peeling (Glycolic Acid 20 to 70%)

The peel, the intensity of which varies according to the medical indication, has an immediate effect by illuminating the complexion and a medium-term effect by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Dark circles and dark spots can be reduced thanks to the peel.

The gentle peel is performed in the doctor’s office. It consists of applying, to a perfectly cleansed face, a glycolic acid solution concentrated at 20%, 35%, 50% or 70%.

To finish, a thermal water spray is used and a refreshing anti-redness mask that our patients love is applied.

During the treatment, you may feel some tingling and see some redness appear afterwards, this will disappear within an hour.

There is no social exclusion, the skin does not peel.

The superficial peel removes dead skin from the epidermis layers, stimulates blood circulation, hydrates the skin and activates fibroblasts in the dermis.

REPETITION / DURABILITY: once, after 10 – 15 days
FINAL RESULT: immediate

Peeling Middle (TCA)

This peel is useful for the skin as it has a brightening and smoothing effect. It can be performed during a facelift or lipofilling of the face, when the patient is asleep. This is a trichloroacetic (TCA) peel.

It is a beneficial complement to surgery because it acts on light wrinkles (upper lips), sun spots or light acne scars.

REPETITION / DURABILITY: 2 or 3 sessions
FINAL RESULT: immediate

The consequences are minimal: redness, possible light skin flaking for a week. Sun exposure is not recommended for a month and the use of a protective 50 SPF sunscreen is highly recommended.

You can also come and try our “special eye peel”, which reduces the dark color of your dark circles and sublimates your eyes.

NEW : Intimate Depigmenting Peel 

This peel is intended for the intimate region or hyperpigmented areas, in particular after laser hair removal: bikini line, armpits, anal region, pubis … but also: areolas, elbow, knees …

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