Hair transplantation

Baldness is the number one reason for aesthetic consultations for men. This is a frequent problem as 30% of men over 40 are affected to a greater or lesser extent. Hair loss is most often of genetic origin in men because some have inherited hair that is sensitive to the male hormone testosterone.

When this hair is transplanted, it retains its original genetic program: hair transplantation therefore provides permanent results.

Micro-grafting is the implantation of micro-grafts made up of 1 to 3 hairs taken from the crown of the head and cut with the naked eye. The crown is the area that is generally preserved from baldness because the bulbs are not sensitive to male hormones.

The appearance is natural, the micro-grafts have completely eliminated the appearance of “leek fields” or “doll hair” caused by traditional transplants. The acceptation of the grafts is excellent because there is no rejection as it is your own hair that is used.

Today, a new technique exists: micro-follicular transplantation, which allows 25 to 30% more hair to be obtained compared to the traditional method.

Each case of baldness has its own characteristics and should be analyzed during the initial consultation.

Post-treatment, Doctor Benadiba can also suggest complementary treatments such as LED and / or PRP and / or hair care injections to stop hair loss and stimulate regrowth.

REPETITION / DURABILITY: 1 to 3 sessions
Local anesthesia
FINAL RESULTS: between 3 and 6 months


It is a new technique that allows hair follicle by hair follicle to be grafted without scarring. Thanks to the F.U.E. with a special machine or with the help of a small drill (diameter <1 mm), follicular micro-grafts (1 to 3 hairs) are taken directly with near invisible scarring. The post-operative consequences are minor, as well as the post-operative care.

A large intervention can be divided into several sessions. The micro-grafts obtained by F.U.E are very fine and practically invisible in the immediate postoperative period.
With this technique, there is hardly any bleeding and the amount of anesthesia used is reduced.

The intervention is much longer, which is why a team of 4 to 6 people is necessary, increasing the cost of the intervention.

This is the ideal technique to:

  • Correct early or moderate baldness in men.
  • Densify areas with pre-existing hair (as in baldness in women).
  • Camouflage unsightly scars from previous operations, facelifts or permanent alopecia areata.


Androgenetic alopecia requires 2 sessions of Micro-grafts (in total:> 2000 grafts). This 42-year-old patient wanted implants in all his hair. Technique used: Follicular Unit per implant / (FUT / Strip) + Follicular Extraction Unit (FUE). Hair transplant session: 1, Total grafts implanted: 2500 grafts, Under local anesthesia, Results 8 months after surgery.

Androgenetic alopecia, having benefited from FUE (scar-free technique). 46-year-old patient who wanted implants all over his hair: Technique 1 used: Follicular unit per implant / (FUT / Strip), Technique 2 used: Follicular unit by Extraction (FUE). Total grafts implanted: 2800 grafts, Under local anesthesia, Results after 14 months

The patient has stage 3 hair loss on the Norwood scale, he had two implant procedures in 2010 and 2011, with around 2800 FUE in total only on his crown, 1900 grafts in the first session using the FUT technique and a smaller session, using the FUE technique.

41-year-old patient who wanted implants on the top and sides of the head, Technique used: Follicular Extraction Unit (FUE), Hair transplant session: 1. Total grafts implanted: 1250 grafts, Under local anesthesia, Results after 4 months

The patient has stage 4 hair loss on the Norwood scale, he had 2000 follicular unit grafts transplanted to his frontal surface in one session.

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