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Dr Laurent Benadiba



For years I had dreamed of doing this operation, but no surgeon had succeeded in reassuring me. Speaking around me to friends who work in the fashion industry, they strongly recommended Dr Benadiba to me, so I went to his office. The welcome was very pleasant (which is not the case everywhere). He took the time to listen to me, to tell me which method he was going to choose for the procedure, then he showed me exactly what he was going to perform and the result I would obtain. His patience and the professionalism that came out of him made me want to take the leap. Today I am more than delighted with the result it is almost like a rebirth. I have no scars and I am happier. I highly recommend it, it is, as my friends say, “sure value” surgeons.




I would like to warmly recommend Dr Benadiba because he saved me from two horrendous breast operations performed by a famous surgeon from the golden triangle in Paris. Thanks to Doctor Laurent Benadiba, I regained my identity as a woman and all my confidence in my relationships with men. I finally freed myself from two terrible accidents of cosmetic surgery of breast implants !!!

In addition, I have since had complete confidence in him for acts of aesthetic medicine; it doesn’t hurt and the result is very natural. Thank you again for your good care.



I’m 65, so I had the opportunity to make comparisons. I have not yet experienced the skills of Doctor Benadiba in terms of facelifts, but if I judge by the delicacy of his interventions in aesthetic medicine, it is to him that I will entrust my face without hesitation to take the big step. of the facelift.

He is a doctor very concerned not to sting at all costs (it is the case to say it) who gives good advice and will not turn me into a stereotypical bimbo. I would add that we feel very comfortable at the entrance because it is not a factory atmosphere like in other places.

Yes, I agree with another testimony which said “Doctor Benadiba is a sure bet”.

Congratulations, more congratulations on your facelift, this is what I absolutely wanted to tell you since you are the author. Of course we start by congratulating me (me who did nothing) but very quickly I am asked about WHO did, because it is “so natural” etc. etc. What is astonishing is that these remarks come above all from people who, by virtue of their profession, are in contact with many women who have passed into the hands of your colleagues (and even the most publicized) and that they are nonetheless very impressed with your work and their look says it all. Over the years, I have learned to qualify compliments and I can tell you that these go beyond the realm of simple politeness.

So again well done and thank you. You gave me back the serenity of feeling good about yourself. I’m on cloud nine! Obviously, I’ll leave your details to whoever asks me and I really hope that this will be followed up with concrete action for you.

See you soon, no doubt, for a mesolift. Sincerely, Mrs F




I am a 69 year old woman and my life has changed dramatically thanks to Dr Benadiba. I was anti-cosmetic surgery (you have to see the failures you see on TV) and I let myself be tempted by starting with botox. I admit that it made me feel a little less tired for a few months.

Subsequently, after eye surgery which dispensed with glasses, my entourage and I clearly noticed the caps formed by the eyelids on my eyes. I again consulted Dr Benadiba for an opinion.

Remarkably professional, the doctor explained to me the benefits of a blepharoplasty on the aesthetic level, the gain in terms of comfort, showed photos and especially suggested that I think beforehand. So I greatly appreciated this contact and its recommendations because I did not feel forced at all. After some thought, I had an operation. No pain, a very satisfactory result and above all continuous support from the doctor, who was even reachable on his mobile just in case! I realized then that I had not come across a surgeon hungry for money and painstaking operations, like some friends who told me about their experiences with their “surgeon-sales” in beauty “factories”.

From this moment, and step by step, I started a long (and pleasant) makeover that I could not have done without the confidence and the strong support of Doctor Benadiba. And above all, don’t forget that I believed that cosmetic surgery was, for me, reserved for a certain elite and was useless. I just hadn’t found THE surgeon.




Dr Benadiba, his listening skills and his objective opinion gave me confidence from my first appointment. He recommended the hyaluronic acid injection to me and explained how it works to fill my wrinkles. The result is magnificent and I am delighted! My face is rejuvenated. The effect is very natural and harmonious. I only have one word – happy!

Dr Benadiba, I am very grateful to you and thank you!

I went to the surgeon Laurent BENADIBA to give hyaluronic acid injections

In terms of the furrows and folds of bitterness I am very satisfied due to the results it is immediate moreover the surgeon is very gentle you do not feel anything he explains everything to you and he is really very kind patient the reception of the office is also great I have already taken an appointment to do Botox, I highly recommend this surgeon.



Very satisfied with my intervention which took place in March 2018. After a first visit, where everything was perfectly explained to me, and time for reflection, Dr Benadiba gave me an appointment at the clinic Alphand. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, the operation lasted about 2 hours. Back home, the first week was a bit complicated due to post-operative pain but very quickly I was able to resume a normal life. The sons fell off on their own after 6 weeks. I am more than happy with the result. I have only one regret: that I did not have this procedure earlier due to a lack of information. Dr. Benadiba has always responded to each of my emails with great professionalism and I thank him for it.




Excellent doctor, very attentive to his patients. I regularly return to see him for the aesthetic maintenance that I want as natural as possible.

In addition, he introduced me to the PRP that I renew with him every year, a treatment that I recommend to all those who have hair problems. Indeed, it is a very effective solution in the treatment of hair, to slow down seasonal hair loss and to make it stronger (even better combined with Haircare mesotherapy).

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