PDO Facial Thread Lift Treatments

There are several types of resorbable or non-absorbable tensor threads. The goal, especially for patients who are not yet candidates for real surgical facelift, is to provide a rejuvenating treatment without having to undergo surgery. These are patients between 30 and 45 years old or patients who have already had a facelift and need improvement without surgical revision.

One should not expect the same results as a real facelift, but more of a tightening effect on the sagging areas of the face, neck and body.


PDO Thread Lift:

These are absorbable polylactic acid threads (sutures) which are of variable size (3 to 6 cm). They have “notches” on them that cling to the skin and allow for immediate results.

The definitive action comes from the boost of collagen production by the PDO, which is done over a few weeks and will provide a definitive effect.

The installation technique is very simple and does not require hospitalization.

INTERVENTION: less than 1 hour, under local anesthesia
FINAL RESULT: 2-4 weeks
AREAS: face, neck, arms, décolleté, all relaxed areas


A technique that provides an immediate “lifting” effect by restoring the contours of the face and reducing skin ptosis.

The simple, quick and effective application of tension threads gives a scar-free rejuvenation result and slows down the aging process. The threads redensify the sagging or drooping areas and thus form a long-term mesh in the fatty tissue.

The rehabilitation period is short, after a few days you can resume your professional and daily life.

INTERVENTION: less than 1 hour, under local anesthesia
REPETITION / DURABILITY: Total absorption in 12 months
FINAL RESULT: immediate
AREAS: face


SILHOUETTE SOFT®: The lifting effect is discreet and immediate because it results from the compression and elevation of the tissues when the suture is adjusted.

These are threads that have a real tightening effect because they have small cones that attach to the skin and allow immediate tightening.

The installation technique is more complex than for the other threads, making the intervention almost surgical.

Indeed, after inserting thread with a micro-needle, the doctor will apply light pressure to the treated area. This pressure action will reshape the surface of the skin and make it visibly smoother.

The regenerating effect is gradual and natural.

FINAL RESULT: immediate
AREAS: face


The regenerating effect is progressive and natural: Poly-l-lactic acid (PLA), the main component of SILHOUETTE SOFT®, is a polymer known in the medical field for many years (sutures, orthopedic pins, screws, nails for bone fractures…). It is because this polymer is particularly biocompatible with humans, but also fully biodegradable, that such applications have been developed. Once the suture is in place, the polylactic acid will act on the deep layers of the skin and help restore the contour of the face in a progressive and perfectly natural way.


Dr BENADIBA is a trainer for the installation of PDO and notched threads. For more information, you can contact him by email.

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