Breast Augmentation – Breast Implants

In the collective imagination, an opulent breast is an object of desire and fantasy, a part of the feminine ideal. For some, a firm and generous breast can also signify the good health and fertility.
Each has their own idea of the ideal volume, depending on their experience, the standards conveyed by the media, etc.
However, this mental representation does not always conform with the image shown in the mirror or with the expectations (expressed or felt) by a partner. This can cause a woman to feel self-conscious, uncomfortable in her skin.
And so, breast augmentation surgery may be a kind of miraculous solution…


Doctor Laurent Benadiba is a specialist in breast implants.

He completed a thesis on long-term complications, published a detailed Q&A book and wrote the League Against Cancer booklet on breast reconstruction.


In cosmetic surgery, it is important to discuss the desired breast size with your surgeon. The latter will be able to advise you on an implant volume that is adapted to your morphology. It is useful for patients to use a magazine photo to help specify the desired breast volume. Today, it is possible for the surgeon to simulate breast augmentation using so-called morphing software.


A natural result is possible & should be the only outcome!
/FR/ Can we have breast surgery before pregnancy?
/FR/ Can we have breast surgery before pregnancy?
/FR/ What breast interventions can be done after pregnancy?
/FR/ What breast interventions can be done after pregnancy?
/FR/ Do I have to wait until after pregnancy to have breast surgery?
/FR/ Do I have to wait until after pregnancy to have breast surgery?

prothèse-mammaire, Le Docteur Laurent Benadiba, spécialiste des implants mammaires

Should we be afraid of breast prostheses?

There is no need to fear breast implants as they are certified with a CE marking by an independent body that analyses the product and audits the manufacturer’s quality system.
Since 2007, clinical data is required by manufacturers wishing to obtain the CE marking.
Several independent bodies operate in Europe, but only one in France (LNE/G-MED approved by Afssaps), and the manufacturer is free to choose.
It is the same body that monitors how the prostheses is manufactured and inspects the laboratories in surprise visits announced several days before.
Therefore, the patient can rest assured when getting their breast implants.


Frequently asked Questions:

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  • What prostheses are authorized in France?
  • Is silicone dangerous for health?
  • What types of implants are there today and what materials are used?


DURATION OF INTERVENTION: 1h to 1h30 under General Anaesthesia
REPETITION / DURABILITY: 10 to 12 years on average

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