Labiaplasty / Big lips augmentation


The enlargement of the genital labia majora is an increasingly frequent request in plastic and cosmetic surgery consultations. The goal is to treat the labia majora which have lost volume after weight loss or with age.

Anatomical reminder:

The labia majora are rounded and clearly visible, on either side of the vulvar “slit”, they are covered with a thin skin that promotes the evaporation of water. They contain sweat glands and sebum glands which allow natural lubrication of the skin. They are covered with hair on the outside while their interior remains hairless without hair.

The skin pigmentation is more pronounced on the outside and the inside is pink and smooth. Different women vary in size and shape, and variations in the size and shape of the lips of the same woman are common.


How to increase the labia majora?

The enlargement of the labia majora is carried out either by injection of fat (lipofilling) or by injection of hyaluronic acid.

In the case of lipofilling, it is necessary to carry out a small liposuction in the block under local anesthesia and then reinject the fat into the lips. There is always a partial melting, so we will correct or provide for the 2nd session after 3 months.

For hyaluronic acid, the technique is simple, is practiced in the office under local anesthesia. One injects one to 2 syringes / sides (Desirial-plus) which will last on average 12 months.

This intervention is often coupled with the reduction of the labia minora, it thus makes it possible to cover the small hypertrophy of the labia minora or to perfect the aesthetic appearance during a labiaplasty.


Fat injection (lipofilling)

Lipofilling increases the volume without foreign bodies. This involves reinjecting the fat taken under local anesthesia, in a discrete region and in small quantities (knees, abdomen, hips, mount of venus).

The result is immediate with a duration of several months to years at constant weight. After a phase of edema and redness of two to five days, the result is natural and the fat brings a quality to the texture of the skin superior to hyaluronic acid.


DURATION OF INTERVENTION: 30-45 min, under local anesthesia in the operating room only
REPETITION / DURABILITY: several months to years

Hyaluronic acid injection

Another solution is to inject hyaluronic acid, which is usually used to fill in wrinkles. The benefit of increasing the labia majora is mixed because, in addition to aesthetic remodeling, it provides a physical pad that protects the entrance to the vagina and limits local irritation.

The amount injected is generally lower than the fat between 2 and 4 cc / side because the product is filled with water and it is more volumizing than the fat.

Filling by injections of hyaluronic acid gives flexibility comparable to skin tissue, but the benefits disappear over time because the product is absorbable in 12 months on average.

DURATION OF INTERVENTION: 30-45 min, under local anesthesia in the office (the advantage)
REHEARSAL / DURABILITY: 12 – 18 months
FINAL RESULT: immediate and optimal after 10 days


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